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The coronavirus outbreak is not only a health crisis of all humankind but also — an imminent restructuring of the world order. It is having a growing impact on the global economy, causing economic slowdown and, ultimately — economic shock.

Today, the most vulnerable industries are those lacking digitalization and tech maturity. The construction industry is one of them. Creating $1.3trillion worth of structures each year only in the USA, the construction industry remains one of the most under-digitized industrial sectors. To stay one step ahead of the crisis, the industry requires a different approach to digital strategy.

This webinar is intended to provide business leaders from the construction industry with a perspective on the evolving situation and how to behave in order to remain afloat and strive. The outbreak is moving quickly, so should the organizations.


  • Expect the unexpected: why business continuity preparedness is the best crisis response to act immediately, address business challenges and risks, improve efficiency, and set priorities.
  • How digital transformation shapes the construction industry today and what more to expect in the foreseeable future.
  • How construction companies transform business processes digitally, using BIM on the 7D evolution roadmap.
  • Intellectsoft in-depth, real-life cases of digital transformation in the construction industry.

Presented by:

  • Illia Vydysh

    Illia Vydysh

    Business Development
    Experience: 8+ years
  • Tim Kozak

    Tim Kozak

    Experience: 10+ years
  • Yurii TimoshenkovV

    Yurii Timoshenkov

    Experience: 10+ years

1 hour with Q&A

Best for:
  • Chief Innovation Officer and VP
  • Chief Information Officer and VP
  • Solution Architect
  • CEO looking into Digital Transformation

Join Intellectsoft’s tech leaders to get one-of-a-kind industry insights, an in-depth look at Intellectsoft projects, and have a Q&A session with our top minds.

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