Intellectsoft Maintains Global Business Continuity amid the Invasion of Ukraine

It is not always easy to follow the business processes within a company smoothly, especially when circumstances beyond one’s control and force majeure events occur. Today, most Ukrainian people are living their lives the way they couldn't have imagined a month ago. The worst nightmare has become a routine reality: people wake up to the air raid sirens and run to the nearest subway station or a bomb shelter for cover.

It’s not always possible to manage stress, handle crises and retain resolve in such situations. Therefore it is crucial to have a contingency plan in place well ahead of such time, a plan that specifies the steps the company should take when responding to different types of emergencies and allocate specific people who can ensure effective execution of such a plan - and that's exactly what Intellectsoft has done.

At Intellectsoft, we have a business continuity plan (BCP), a document that contains critical information including the procedures and instructions a company must follow to prevent interruptions to services in case of an incident, disaster, or crisis. We have always been improving and adjusting our business continuity plan according to the economic climate to ensure the business operations resiliency, minimize downtime and protect customer data and infrastructure.

Recently, the plan was revised and adapted to the new risks and threats as Intellectsoft takes business continuity seriously and wants to ensure the organizational operations keep running and remain functional even in times of crisis.

Additionally, all of our infrastructure is distributed in the cloud and has multiple backups - so we can ensure the backups that are fully available in different locations and will prevent any incidents driven by network or storage failures and the business operations will continue in case of unplanned changes. Just for example, one of the recently arrived Starlink has been installed in one of our current locations to ensure uninterrupted work for Intellectsoft engineers.

Like many other technology companies that took care of their workers' health and safety, Intellectsoft has taken safeguarding measures to help the employees and provided relocation options to both safe regions in Ukraine and overseas.

On the very first day of the war, we provided transfer and accommodation at safe locations as well as new offices for our employees to give them an opportunity to work. Also, it is worth noting the level of responsibility and dedication of our specialists: even those sitting in the bomb shelters continued working and deploying releases.

Ukrainian people have built resilience that helps manage stress effectively, and the Intelestsoft team remains functional, operational, able to keep high productivity levels, and stay focused on the business even during the tough times. It is demonstrated by the fact that we have continued delivering new builds just 2 days into the war and our clients keep getting deliverables on time, with only minor disruptions that happened during the first days of the invasion.

We are proud of our people and we are glad that we could provide comfortable conditions for them to live and work in. The whole civilized world is rallying around Ukraine in unprecedented unity and Intellectsoft deeply appreciates the solidarity of the partners who supported us in these difficult times and trusted that we could deliver on our promises with the same quality standards.

We are open to new opportunities and projects, and our people are ready to work and meet new challenges.

Stand with Ukraine! 

Glory to Ukraine!

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